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1) Identifying Youth

When a youth comes forward saying they have been kicked out of their home or need a place to stay for a few days it can be overwhelming to know how to help. HRY is here to provide support for schools, and organizations that work with youth experiencing homelessness.

HRY works with youth in a variety of situations, homelessness and housing instability come in many different forms. Our primary goal is to support a long term housing solution and support them completing school.

3) Connecting to HRY

Once a youth is identified, a member of HRY comes to talk to the youth about the program, how Host Homes work, and understand their current living situation. We walk through our intake paperwork, and ask questions about their future goals, interests and other supports they are looking to connect with in the community.

2) Meeting Potential Hosts

The process of connecting a youth with a host home takes time. We work with each youth and host to understand their needs, goals, and timelines. Youth aren’t just dropped off at a stranger’s door, HRY helps introduce them to different hosts, visit each home, and decide what the best place for them is while in the program.

If there are individuals in the youth’s life they are intersted in living with (close friend, teacher, extended family, etc.) HRY helps explore those options as well.

4) Moving In

Finally, HRY supports each youth in making the transition from their current situation into the host home. We support the youth in getting furniture, bedding, clothing, personal care items, etc.

The key to the HRY Host Home Program is working with the hosts and youth to establish healthy boundaries, open communication and trust. While youth are living with a host, HRY is there to support everyone through the challenges and successes of living together.

“The key to the HRY Program is helping youths understand that what they are experiencing in their homes, or lives, isn’t ‘normal’. There are ways of making things easier, and host homes are one part of that process.”

2021 HRY Graduate

“I don’t know where I would have gone had Kathy not taken me in. My father died when I was 14 and my mother is unstable. Now I feel safe for the first time in years and like a weight has been lifted off my chest. I’m incredibly grateful.”

Matt, 18 year old HRY Youth

“My experience in my host home has improved my life significantly. If it weren’t for this wonderful family, I could be homeless. This new family gave me a chance to heal from previous experiences that hurt my life. I love this family and they basically saved me. I am grateful for them.”

Cameron, HRY Youth

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